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We are all about innovative strategy, top-notch design, and leading technology - that’s what differentiates us. Check out some of the apps we’ve created for startups, small and medium-sized businesses.


A mobile app for people with diabetes that integrates with Topsulin.

Glucosee is a company dedicated to providing solutions that improve the life quality of people with diabetes. Their gadget, Topsulin, is an electronic device that allows insulin-dependent diabetics to keep a daily record of glucose, carbohydrate and injected insulin values.

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Glucosee App

Planet 01

A series of apps that facilitate the communication, organization and monitoring of student traveling groups.

Planet Travel is a travel agency with over 15 years of experience in the market that aims to offer their clients the best travel experience. That led them to create Planet 01 Parents and Planet 01 Leaders. The first one is oriented entirely to parents so they can follow up their children's activities and communicate with them. The other is a platform to organize and monitor the students' travel groups. Its main feature is the ability of accessing passengers' information through a bracelet scan.

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Planet 01 App

My Pass

Event management app that provides an inviting experience for both party organizers and guests.

My Pass is an event management app that can be used from any place and device to track the organization of an event in real time, in a practical and safe way. Its main clients are party organizers and nightclubs that use My Pass to manage guests lists, notify customers, sell tickets and drinks, and promote their events. My Pass also generates a community around the gatherings, providing organizers with key marketing information about their customers profiles and interests.

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Mypass App

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